One Colored Jean, Four Seasons

Colored jeans are a popular trend. It’s understandable: brightly-hued denim adds a giant pop of color, while not scarring wearers away, as jeans are the ultimate comfort zone to so many shoppers. When shopping for them, be sure to pick a color that’s not too “Spring,” “Fall,” “Winter,” or “Summer” in order to get good use out of them.

I will give examples of ways to wear colored jeans in all four seasons. Keep in mind, they might be a little warm for summer, so perhaps wear them in the evening.









Take Note:

Please do not buy every single idem shown here in order to wear one pairs of jeans. Instead, look through your own (or someone that won’t mind if you borrow’s!) closet for similar garments. Then again, some of the pieces are highly versatile, such as the J. Crew black turtleneck, the nude “Callie” flats, and the black v-neck t-shirt. Invest in what you’ll actually wear!




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What to Wear While Traveling/Carry-On Advice

An estimated 4.5 million people fly on a plane every day. But so many make the mistake of dressing poorly for flight. Additionally, many suffer from forgoing vital carry-on items. In this post, I will teach you how to dress and pack for travel.


What to Wear on the Plane

It’s essential to keep in mind the temperatures of your places of departure and destination. Plus, planes are infamous for being ridiculously air-conditioned, so a lightweight, extra-layer is always nice to have. A form-fitting hoodie might be a better option as opposed to a pullover, in case you don’t know he person you’re sitting next to and they make a scene when your elbow slams them in the arm in the removal or the putting on of your pullover.  But if you wearing a hoodie, DO NOT fiddle with the zipper constantly. It will create a repetitive noise that a lot of people find annoying. Choose wisely. 

Lightweight Zip Hoodie at PINK.

Leopard French Terry Pullover at Forever 21.


No sweatpants. Ever. You’ll thank me in the long run. 😉 Leggings work, as they won’t have the slobbish affect of ultra-baggy sweats. I wouldn’t wear shorts or a miniskirt because, (this is going to sound so snotty, prepare yourselves) I don’t like my legs touching the seat. You just don’t know were it’s been.  Jeans, of-course look streamlined, but you do need to take comfort into account. Lululemon pants would work great, because they look neat and are comfy.

Take the lesson from this model to wear seamless underwear with no bows when sporting leggings.

They offer free hemming at the Lululemon store.

These Urban Outfitters leggings compliment the Forever 21 Pullover.


Wear a form-fitting top, because you’ll most likely add another layer at some point, and bulkiness can be very uncomfortable. Also, color-cordonate with the rest of your outfit, especially if you’re wearing a hoodie in case you may opt for it unzipped. Think about the beverages you drink on flight and consider turbulence. Either ditch the white tank or skip the cranberry juice.

Notice the color is perfect for disguising cranberry juice, though you might be a bit cold…


Is it just me, or is the idea of your feet touching airport floor gross? I would discourage sandals. You could always wear oxfords with pegs underneath, whereas flats won’t disguise the pegs. If you opt for boots, you don’t have enough room to have the option of taking your shoes off on flight. The easiest solution would be a pair of stylish sneakers.

These are on sale!

What to Pack in Your Carry-On

1. Backup. Always throw a swimsuit or undergarments and a t-shirt in your carry-on. It’s not paranoid; it’s practical.

2. Entertainment. Treat yourself to a magazine. This will distract you from getting cabin fever and eating when you’re not hungry.

3. A map of your destination.

4. A snack. Just remember to make it not be a candy bar. Having only sweets in your stomach could result in regurgitation.

5. If it’s an overnight flight, use makeup remover wipes to prevent clogged pores or waking up like a raccoon. 😉

Available at Ulta

6. Optional: A cushion. Airplane seats don’t have much padding! Make the on-flight experience more pleasant.

Who doesn’t love Amazon?

If you have any advice on this matter, or fashion and makeup in general, please leave a comment! This is a friendly blog and I insure to prevent any bullying/trolling.

Your favorite diva ;),




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Lipstain 101 and Which Lipstain I Recommend

Lipstains can be very helpful. For example, on days were you’re working for an extended period of time and you can’t reapply, a good lipstain will maintain color, keeping your face looking energized all day long (assuming you get eight hours of sleep every night ;)).

Since lip stain can be drying, I suggest applying some moisturizing lip balm before apply your lip stain of choice. I recommend classic cherry ChapAid and Kiehl’s Lip Balm No.1.

Advantages of Lipstain as Opposed to Lipstick or Lipgloss

1. It stays on for a longer period of time.

2. Assuming you wait at least five minutes, if you drink out of a glass, it won’t appear on the rim (or on someone’s cheek ;)).

3. It’s generally not messy.

The Lipstain I’d Reccomend

I personally like Covergirl Outlast Lipstain. I wear shade 400 either solely with lip balm underneath or with a coat of nude lipstick over it for a hint of color and more liveliness.





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Three Ways to Wear: Black H&M Shirtdress

The classic shirtdress has remerged lately; with celebrities like Eva Longoria dressing the trend to their own styles. Shirtdresses are extremely versatile, and when they fit properly, they can be wonderfully flattering.

Stylish as usual! 😉

Way No.1: Accessorized With Neutrals and Gold

Found at: Amazon

Look No.2: Colorful

Look No.3: For the Office

Have fun wearing your creative, versatile shirtdress! 🙂



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What To Wear/Do if You Hate Your Thighs

According to sources, the thighs are considered a woman’s least favorite/most hated (optimist/pessimist) body part. People claim that it or their thighs prevent them from wearing short dresses, feeling comfortable in shorts and swimsuits, etc. Whoa, whoa, whoa: Wait a minute.  “It prevents me from…” No, honey. (or buddy). You prevent yourself. Everyone has potential to have toned thighs, and when you make the decision to sit around all day as opposed to going for walk or hitting the gym, you are ranking television as a priority over your health. (Intervention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

First, let’s talk about Ways to Fix (yay :)) Your Little Problem.

The easiest things to say would be portion control and exercise. Did you know that if a plate was bigger you’ll feel as though you’ll need to fill it up, even if the contents of a smaller plate would’ve had you satisfied?

Being vegetarian, this picture really grosses me out, but you get the point, right?

But I know it would be more helpful to everyone if I included specific exercises to do. To keep myself toned and fit daily, I do twenty squats and ten lunges (five per side).

What to Wear in the Meantime 

Before I get started, let me just tell you that it makes no sense to buy clothing fit to your starting weight (assuming you’re trying to lose weight). Instead, if you’re a 12, you may want to buy a dress in an 8 for motivation.

The most important fashion rule for people who have bad thighs is to wear nothing too short. Plus, stay away from jeggings. Body-con garments show your shape more, as opposed to streamlining it like a good pair of strait long jeans could. If you really want to disguise your thighs (nice rhyme ;)), I have the solution for you: maxi. There are so many   gorgeous maxi dresses and skirts out there, but opt for colors like black, dark purple, blue, navy, and crimson (which can really flatter some chicas).

This flattering maxi skirt is available at Old Navy for $24.94

SarahLily Money-Saving Stylist Secret: If you know you’re going to start losing weight, or you’re at least planning to, look for maxi skirts with an elastic waist so they will still fit regardless of how much smaller your natural waist gets.

Hugs and kisses,


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Beautiful Shoes That Caught My Eye

Seconds ago, I was doing my usual fashion browsing, decided to visit, and I saw Them. These suede heels are one of a kind as they are stylish, unique, and in a color that flatters most skin tones. I have been looking for a shoe like this for an extremely long time. For everyday, I’ve pictured it with either white, navy, or indigo skinny jeans and a low-cut tank with a bandeau. For a casual party, I would swap the tank-bandeau combo with a dressy, one-shoulder top. (Note-don’t wear the first look in the daytime of and the second look in the nighttime of the same day if you’re with fellow partygoers for both.) It would also go with a short, body con skirt or possibly a romper/jumpsuit.

The Heels 


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What I Wore: Nice Dinner/Dressing Up=Luxury

It’s important to show a restaurant a little respect by dressing decently. But more than that, it makes you feel a sense of luxury and well, being “fancy” and special. That’s why I like dressing up for occasions that I don’t really need too. Almost all girls feel like a princess in a super-flattering dress. And who knows? Maybe you’ll expect people to treat you with more respect (i.e. you’ll tolerate less) when you look fantastic.

Give yourself the feel of luxury by dressing nicely whenever you want to. By doing such, you are fashionably liberating yourself because you are doing what you choose.

What I Wore:

Dress: Aqua

Shoes: Nordstrom

Eyeshadow: Lancome

Lipstain: Covergirl

How to Get a Similar Look Without Buying the Same Garments

I’m all for inspiration, not replication! To get the “same idea” look, wear a printed dress that has a “background” color and a couple other DIFFERENT colors in the pattern. Have your shoes and other accessories (i.e. necklace, earrings, headbands, etc.) be one of the hues within the pattern.



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