Channeling British/Blazers!!!!

For a school presentation a few weeks ago, I had to represent London. How’d I do? Very well, thank you. What did I wear? Let the outfit speak for itself.

Here’s a close up of the scarf:

Wanna copy me?

Blazer: Aqua

Butten-Down: Talbots

Jeans: Gap

Scarf: My mom gave it to me

How To Wear A Blazer If You’re Not Aiming For British

Blazers are great for adding polish to an outfit. Plus, they can add edge in a non-wannabe way to lets say, a pink dress. Oversized blazers can be hard to pull off, as they can end up simply looking three sizes too big. If you’re a little overweight, I wouldn’t recommend one. Instead, go for black and tailored, which flatters the general population. White and tailored looks great, too, but don’t have spaghetti for lunch. ; )

This blazer is from Forever 21’s website, and no, that’s not me. I would know not to wear it with destroyed shorts (just saying).

Bright Colored Blazers

Wear it with: A black or white top, a pair of dark wash or white jeans OR a black or white skirt, heels and purse (both must match the color of your blazer).



About sarahlily4ever

I'm a singer, actress, model, and fashionista. I have traveled a lot and enjoy creating couture with the Art Institute of Chicago. I'm inspired by Coco Chanel, Vince Camuto, and Rachel Zoe.
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One Response to Channeling British/Blazers!!!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ummm I would have to disagree with you on the semi off white blazer from 21′. It looks great with any washed denim especially any worn in denim. she looks urban and classified at the same time with a touch of promiscuous and that is I exactly what 21′ is aiming for. I personally believe that 21s’ stylists knew what they were doing an executed with precision. as for not wearing a certain material in my view would be leggings and that’s about it just keep it simple no purse need maybe some accessories such as some RHOM bracelets and top it off with a a KDIA necklace.

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