The Best: Cream Eyeshadow

Cream eyeshadow is not power, but not a liquid. You apply it with your finger (it took me a disaster to figure that out)!

I personally think that Revlon Cream Eyeshadow is the best.

My palate is called “Black Magic.”

Find it at:,, and Target

How to use my palate

Don’t put the black all over your eyelid unless you want to look like an abuse victim. If you have light skin, applying white eyeshadow all over you lid, or even to the brow bone is a good, natural-looking choice that will make your eyes look bigger. Pink is also a pretty choice that flatters all skin tones (eyelid only). Silver always looks beautiful, but isn’t a day at work. Depending on your school, it might be okay, but don’t go overboard (eyelid only).


About sarahlily4ever

I'm a singer, actress, model, and fashionista. I have traveled a lot and enjoy creating couture with the Art Institute of Chicago. I'm inspired by Coco Chanel, Vince Camuto, and Rachel Zoe.
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