Beauty Tutorial: Fresh-Faced, Flirty Spring Look

For a light and happy Spring look, you don’t want to layer too much makeup on. All you need is silver cream eyeshadow (found in my favorite palate), light mint powder eyeshadow, pink lipgloss, and some mascara and bronzer if you choose.

Tip: Remove any makeup you had on previously before starting this look. I like Kiehl’s Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. (found in Kiehl’s stores).

What You’re Aiming For


1. Gather all of your materials.  (see beginning for list).

2. Get a decent amount of silver cream eyeshadow on your finger.

3. Apply the cream eyeshadow to your eyelid and crease.

4. Repeat on other eyelid+crease!

5. Apply light mint powder eyeshadow on your eyelids and creases.

6. Apply medium-light pink lipgloss.

7. Enjoy your new look OR apply any additional face makeup/bronzer/mascara if you wish.


About sarahlily4ever

I'm a singer, actress, model, and fashionista. I have traveled a lot and enjoy creating couture with the Art Institute of Chicago. I'm inspired by Coco Chanel, Vince Camuto, and Rachel Zoe.
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One Response to Beauty Tutorial: Fresh-Faced, Flirty Spring Look

  1. SarahLily says:

    Try this look for a party, date, brunch or even school! (work, too.) 🙂

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