Go-To Piece: Black T-Shirt

Everyone should own a black t-shirt. They look dressier than white ones, which can be helpful. In addition, black is the most slimming color there is, which makes them a good choice if you’re insecure about your weight.

Best Classic

Bonus: This brand is eco-friendly, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Best Neckline and Best Slimming

The tailored cut of this top makes it flattering for all sizes. See, a large person in a super loose, oversized shirt actually makes them look bigger.

Best Relaxed Fit

Tip: For balance, wear this with form-fitting pants.

Is it an investment?

As long as you buy a well-fitting one. Be realistic. If something’s too big, it’s just doesn’t fit. Sure, there’s such thing as oversized, but a t-shirt that goes down to your mid-thighs just isn’t flattering. Don’t shop in the women’s department if you’re honestly too small for it.


About sarahlily4ever

I'm a singer, actress, model, and fashionista. I have traveled a lot and enjoy creating couture with the Art Institute of Chicago. I'm inspired by Coco Chanel, Vince Camuto, and Rachel Zoe.
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