Stores That Are Having Sales Right Now

Who doesn’t love a bargain? (Or at least a relative one). So many stores are having sales right now, and it can be very helpful to have a list of them all in one place.

The List

American Eagle Outfitters

-Men’s Clearance, Women’s Clearance, Aerie Clearance

Wet Seal

-Dresses, Sandals, Shorts

To be honest, I’m not loving the dresses (AT ALL), but there is something to be said about their wide selection of colored shorts.

Victoria’s Secret

-The Semi-Annual Sale

This top is available in a ton of pretty hues.

Go Jane

-Heel sale

I would love these in blue with white jeans and a top in the same shade of blue. A white shirt and blue necklace would work, too.


Very select styles of every category.

Important Advice

Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale. Only buy a garment if you a) love it and if you b) can think of three ways to wear it. And never, ever buy something that doesn’t allow you to reach your full visual potential. Plus, you should be trying everything on!

Love and best of luck,

SarahLily 😉

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How to/Tips For Applying Eyeshadow

“How to apply eyeshadow” is a term searched too many times to count. How many hits, you may ask? 5,060,000. And for a good reason. This beauty product can truly change the way one looks. And for a day, that can be quite nice. But how exactly does one get this fascinating beauty product on? 

Step 1: Primer 

To create a creaseless look, using eyeshadow primer is a must. Dab an EXTREMELY SMALL amount on to one of your pointer fingers. Rub your two pointer fingers together, making sure to get an even amount on each finger. Leave one eye open and the other one closed while lightly, gently dragging the primer across its lid, brow bone, and crease. I recommend Urban Decay (expensive but high quality).

The model’s mascara is very poorly done.

Found at: Sephora

Tip: Give the primer about five seconds to dry before adding eyeshadow.

Step 2: Picking Colors

Dust a lighter hue allover your lid, crease, and brow bone. For a more dramatic look, add a darker, complimentary color to the crease. Example: Allover light mint green, dark green OR dark purple crease. For a smokey/three channel look, dust or apply the middle color with your finger to your lids. The darkest color should be within your creases. I personally recommend using powder for this. To complete the look, dust or apply the lightest color with your finger to your brow bones. This takes practice, so don’t stress if you don’t get it right away! 

Step 3: Apply Eyeshadow With…

Use a soft brush to apply power eyeshadow, whereas you should be applying cream eyeshadow with your fingers. A small angle brush (loosely or tightly packed bristles) works best for powder creases.

This is the one I use. It’s super easy to work with.

Step 4: Blend!!!

Simply make divisions between pigments more smooth with a medium-sized, soft brush. Take your time!!!!



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How to Dress Well When You Don’t Feel Like It (At All!)

Some days, we don’t feel like taking the time to do our makeup or put together an award-winning ensemble of pieces. You might be thinking, “So what? I won’t look fabulous today. I don’t need to dress exceptionally all the time. I’ll just be normal today.” I feel that way sometimes.

For Occasions 

But let’s say you’re going to an event. You put on a nice dress, say, “I so don’t feel like it,” take it off, put on mediocre pants and a decent top, and walk out the door. But let’s say you start having fun when you arrive. You don’t want to feel self-conscious that you look like a slob.

Solution: Own a dress or skirt that looks good, is dressy enough, and is super comfy. (Dress is easier, but if you use this solution often, you’ll need to change up your accessories. A skirt requires effort in choosing a top, but will make it feel like you’re not wearing the same thing again and again, assuming you choose a different top.)

I wear this dress in this situation:

(but mine’s in a different color)

Found at: Forever 21

On a Day Off

No sweatpants! Please! They automatically make one look like a slob. Instead, opt for a pair of soft leggings. They are still comfortable, but offer a much neater look. Pair ’em with a lightweight, longer (should cover at least 3/4 of your butt) sweater. To add color the outfit, wear a bright tank. Don’t forget to swap your sneakers with cute ballet flats!

Gap Pure Body Leggings

Gap Ribbed Tank

Remember, just because you feel like a slob doesn’t mean you like one. We all have hard days, weeks, and months, but when we choose to dress well with a smile on our face, it shows that we are strong, and we won’t let ANYTHING bring us down.



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Are You One of Those People Who Wants to Add Color But Doesn’t Know How?

There are so many people who really do want to add color to their wardrobe but don’t know how. Some teenagers that I’m friends with are scared of looking tacky or immature,  and some adults I know fear looking wannabe-teenage. I understand. I really do. But sometimes, you have to take risks. And besides, let’s say you’re applying for a job as a spokesperson. They want someone special, quirky, memorable, and different. There are eight other men and women applying for the job. You’re all wearing black. If they say, “Steve, remember the girl in the black dress? She was pretty good.” Steve will say, “Um, Bob, there were three girls wearing black dresses. Don’t worry about it, though, because judging by her outfit, she’s nothing special” But if you had worn an orange dress with nude pumps, there’s a good chance Bob would’ve said, “girl in the orange dress,” and Steve would’ve said, “Oh yeah. That was SarahLily. She was pretty good. I’ll contact her.” 

See? 😉 

Easier Way to Wear Color: Shorts

Shorts are comfortable and timeless, not to mention they can be dressed up or down. Wear a brightly hued pair with a white tank, any type of shoe (except sneakers or snow boots!), and possibly a necklace.

Find cute pairs at:

My example

The green shows my earthy, outdoor-loving, approachable side.

Easy Way to Wear Color: Bright Blazers

This is a more daring way to wear color. But you can do it. Use this picture of Kourtney Kardashian as inspiration;

If her blazer had been black, the outfit would’ve still been trendy, but it wouldn’t been unique. Wearing color is the easiest way look special.

Easiest Way to Wear Color: Hued Purse

Besides shopping, this way to incorporate color is pretty much effortless.

Big Budget: Try Hermes

Medium-Big Budget: Try Nordstrom

Tight Budget: Walmart has faux-snakeskin versions

Hope I gave you some good ideas!



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Product Review: Boi-ing Concealer

I brought Boi-ing Concealer at Sephora. It’s by Benefit. If you’re reading this on the go, let me save you some time; I will never purchase a product by Benefit again. If you have a little time on you hands, it might be beneficial (fun pun! ;)) to know why this product stunk so much. First of all, it was so orange. And yes, I used the tester in the store, but many stores, such as Sephora, trick costumers with complex lighting. Many bloggers may be thinking, “Well, if it’s orange, maybe it’s too dark.” And don’t get me wrong; that’s very logical. But, in this case, I tried on the lighter shade in the store, and it appeared to be too light. In addition, not to gross you out, but this concealer is really dry and sticky as opposed to creamy.

Bottom Line: Boi-ing Concealer is a total glorified rip-off. NEVER buy it. 😦

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Advice For People With Body Insecurities

Summer is the hardest time of year for people with body insecurities. The best solution to this is to realize that you look fine, if not better, and walk out the door with confidence. If you feel that you’re not quite ready for that option, or you’re actually unhealthy, here are some tips:

1. If your arms embarrass you, I suggest wearing a lightweight, white, long-sleeve top. Light yellow, pale lilic, and mint work, too.

2. If your doctor has confirmed that you are overweight, and you’re ashamed to show your face in shorts or a swimsuit, I have a few suggestions. Number one, of course, is to exercise and eat less to no junk food (no fried potato chips, big Macs, french fries, nor excessive soda). Besides, tap water is cheaper than soda, so, with time, you can buy a dress fit to your new body. Have an event tomorrow? Do 30 sit-ups, take a jog around to block or on a treadmill, get a good night’s sleep, drink some water, and put on a preferably black, lightweight dress with shoes that DON’T cut off at the ankle. Swimsuit? Try going to, searching “swimdress,” a you will find a pretty, slimming swimdress. Bonus: It’s on sale right now!

3. Feel your core needs toning? Try this;

Remember, you can’t hide your body you entire life. If you’re unhealthy and you know it, please do something about it. People think I’m being mean by not saying, “Weight doesn’t matter. Don’t give it the time of day.” It does matter. Being, well, fat can cause serious problems to your health. I encourage all people to eat right, take a walk around to block, and play tennis or soccer every now and then. It will make you feel good about yourself.



P.S. Good luck! 🙂

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Dressing Up 101

Dressing up can be very fun, but also a challenge. The dresser never wants to be over-dressed, but if you ask me, being under-dressed is about a million times worse.

Ways to (hopefully) Make You Dressed Up the Right Amount

1. Check the invitation! Even if it doesn’t say Attire: X, if it’s written in gold cursive, it’s probably a different mentality than something in chunky, blue bubble letters.

2. Call (or text!) a couple friends who are going, or even check with the host on what they’re wearing.

3. Bring backup! Have a friend carry a couple tank tops in their purse for sliding over cocktail dresses, whereas you can stash some fancy bracelets and velvet headbands in yours. It’s a bit paranoid, but better safe than sorry!

Examples of Very Dressy


Sorry it wouldn’t rotate! 😦


This outfit could become nicer if the giant purse was replaced with a feminine clutch, she took off the sunglasses, and added a dressy neckless.


If you do underdress (despite my amazing techniques for avoiding that kind of malfunction), your behavior can cover up the fact that you were supposed to wear pumps and pantyhose.

Translation: If you don’t jump on the fancy table or do anything else negatively memorable, most people won’t remember your slacky outfit.


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